Septic and Water Tank Cleaning Service

How To Have Your Septic and Water Tank Cleaned Properly, At The Lowest Possible Price

We all love a bargain, and your septic tank cleaning is no exception.

Septic tank systems, new and old are not as simple as many people think

Making sure your tank and septic system is working as effectively and as safely as possible takes experience and know how.

Personalised Septic Cleaning Audit

When your septic tank cleaning is completed, you will be presented with a Septic Tank Cleaning Audit.

Your Septic tank Cleaning Audit is a written report that will give you a detailed analysis of your septic system. Your Audit lets you know exactly the state of your septic tank.

Your audit will also highlight any nasty surprises that could be waiting around the corner for you. So you can know the condition of your system, and identify any areas of concern that may exist.

With systems like this, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and that is specifically what your Septic Tank Audit is for, it can save you a bundle.

Why A Long Septic Tank Pump-Out Hose Is Important

Is your septic tank on a hard to get to place on your land or property?

Is it in an area that’s too small or too sensitive for a large vehicle to intrude?

This is no problem!

My septic tank cleaning truck has 110 metres of pump-out hose, so it can reach an awful long way to get to your septic tank without disturbing a single thing.

This is so you can get the job you want, done properly without invading any sensitive areas on your property.

In fact, I may not even have to drive on to your property at all!

Septic Tank Cleaning » Water Tank Cleaning
Septic Tank Cleaning » Water Tank Cleaning
Septic Tank Cleaning » Water Tank Cleaning

New Technology Means A Quieter More Efficient Tank Clean Out

All the septic tank cleaning hardware I use is the latest tech. This makes sure it’s extremely efficient. This combined with the right experience helps guarantee your septic tank cleaning is carried out perfectly.

My pump out system is based on a vacuum tank principle. This means the pump only runs at the beginning, to suck the air out of the tank prior to my cleaning your septic tank. The process of creating a vacuum in the tank itself only takes about 60 seconds, so the pump only runs for that short length of time.

Being state of the art, the pump itself is very quiet and is further aided by two silencers. These act like huge car mufflers and help keep the whole operation as quiet as possible.

The septic cleaning pump is powered completely by the truck’s own hydraulics system. There is no separate (and noisy) motor to make it work.

An added benefit to you is the pumping equipment works at peak efficiency when the truck’s engine is only idling. This means the trucks engine doesn’t need to be gunned (revved up) to make the pump work.

The truck can carry 12,000L of septic effluent, the equivalent of 4 septic tanks full. It has a powerful jet cleaning machine, allowing even the worse condition and blocked systems to be flushed. 

Septic Tank Cleaning Prices

So to answer the question of how much to get your septic tank cleaned out, and what prices you can expect to pay for a septic tank clean – done properly, I start from $600 as a rule of thumb.

This septic cleaning price does vary with the size of your tank(s), the bigger your tank, the more it will cost.

I will always give an estimate on services before proceeding with your septic cleaning system. 

Need Your Septic System Cleaned By A Professional In The Industry

Call a licensed plumber, drainer & septic tank system expert now!

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