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Septic Tank Cleaning

Local Septic Cleaner Says He
Will Give Away a FREE Jet Clean
For Your Septic For Owners Who Decide To Order Septic Tank Cleaning Now!

From :

Paul Burgess
Dora Creek
Lake Macquarie
N.S.W. 2264

Dear Friend

If you would like to get your septic tank cleaned and want it cleaned properly for the lowest possible amount, here is some good news.

My name is Paul Burgess, I’m a Septic Tank Cleaning specialist here at Ward Septics in Dora Creek (NSW).

Right now I am giving away a free Septic Inlet Pipe Jet Clean valued at $297 with every septic tank cleaning service.

Not only that, if you decide to have me clean your septic tank for you. I can be there at a time that’s right for you. I understand you’re busy and I won’t keep you waiting around to have your Septic Tank Cleaned – ever.

We will arrange a time together that is convenient for you, and that’s when you will see me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Free Septic Inlet Pipe Clean offerWhy am I offering such a good deal? The reasons are simple. First, my business is new. And I want to help get things humming as quickly as I can.

To do this I had two options. One, I could have spent a stack of loot on advertising and promoting my business.

This would have worked – probably… But the only ones who would have really benefit from this would have been the Yellow Pages and the other companies selling me ad space.

I not in love with that kind of stuff one bit.

My second thought was, if I am going to part with some of my hard earned cash to help put my business on the map, I want to spend that money where it can do some real good.

So by offering you the absolute best deal I can on cleaning your septic tank properly. Plus give you a free Septic Tank Inlet Pipe Jet Clean as an introductory bonus, I can benefit you directly rather than waste that money on more expensive advertising.

Typically, a Water Jet Clean like this will set you back over $297 but right now it’s yours for free.

And Here are 9 Important Facts About My Septic Tank Cleaning Service.

1. You Need a Septic Expert Not Just a Hose Holder

Septic tank systems, new and old are not as simple as many people think

Making sure your tank and septic system is working as effectively and as safely as possible takes experience and know how.

Septic Tank Cleaning Expert Paul Burgess

Septic Tank Cleaning Expert Paul Burgess

I worked as a licenced Plumber for over 43 years. And though I am an Aussie through and through, I have worked with septic systems all over the world.

From the vast plains of Africa to the tiny British Channel Isles off the coast of France, I worked with septic systems, and in parts of the world where no other waste treatment alternatives even existed.

Working in these parts as an Advisor, Installer and all round Mr. Fix It, I got pretty good at these systems. And now I can bring this experience to bear for you too.

2. Receive a Septic Tank Cleaning Audit When Your Job is Done

When your septic tank cleaning is completed, you will be presented with a Septic Tank Cleaning Audit.

Your Septic tank Cleaning Audit is a written report that will give you a detailed analysis of your septic system. Your Audit lets you know exactly the state of your septic tank.

Your audit will also highlight any nasty surprises that could be waiting around the corner for you. So you can know the condition of your system, and identify any areas of concern that may exist.

With systems like this, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and that is specifically what your Septic Tank Audit is for, it can save you a bundle.

3. Why a Long Septic Tank Pump-Out Hose is Important

Is your Septic Tank is in a hard to get to place on your land or property?

Is it in an area that’s too small or too sensitive for a large vehicle to intrude (even a pocket dynamo like mine)?

Long Septic Pumpout Hose

90 Metres (over 295 feet) of Hose

This is no problem.

My septic tank cleaning truck has 90 metres of pump-out hose, that’s almost as long as a footy field (over 295 feet). So it can reach an awful long way to get to your septic tank without disturbing a single thing.

This is so you can get the job you want, done properly without invading any sensitive areas on your property.

In fact, I may not even have to drive on to your property at all.

4. Your Time is Valuable, I understand That

These days we all get pretty busy, so when you make an appointment to get something done (even septic tank cleaning), you want to be certain it is going to happen when you want.

I pride myself on this, your time is valuable to me and I will never waste it – ever.

When you book your septic tank cleaning I will arrange a time with you that fits into your schedule.

I will be there when I say, so you are left waiting around. On the off chance if I am delayed, for any reason, I will be on the phone to you right away to let you know.

It’s that simple.

5. New Technology Means a Quieter More Efficient Tank Clean Out

In fact, the loudest noise you will probably hear will be me closing the lid on your septic tank when the job’s done.

All the septic tank cleaning hardware I use is all the latest tech. This makes sure it’s extremely efficient. This combined with the right experience helps guarantee your septic tank cleaning is carried out perfectly.

Septic Cleaning Pump NoiseMy Pump Out System is based on a Vacuum Tank principle. This means the pump only runs at the beginning, to suck the air out of the tank prior to my cleaning your septic tank. The process of creating a vacuum in the tank itself only takes about 60 seconds, so the pump only runs for that short length of time.

Being state of the art, the pump itself is very quiet and is further aided by two silencers. These act like huge car mufflers and help keep the whole operation as quiet as possible.

The septic cleaning pump is powered completely by the truck’s own hydraulics system. There is no separate (and noisy) motor to make it work.

An added benefit to you is the pumping equipment works at peak efficiency when the truck’s engine is only idling. This means the trucks engine doesn’t need to be gunned (revved up) to make the pump work.

So no undue or any extra noise at all.

Remember, a BIG Septic Cleaning truck is not better for you, it’s better for the cleaning company. A monster truck can damage your property, your yard and even a concrete driveway. Smaller is safer for you and more efficient too.

6. My Truck is Tiny – Perfect for Tight Spaces

Well tiny when compared to the average size septic tank cleaning truck.

My rig was designed from the ground up to be easy to manoeuvre around your property, a short wheelbase and a 4 by 2, two-axle chassis configuration makes navigating up to and around your septic tank simple.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still plenty big enough to clean out your septic tank – even if your tank is Olympic sized and hasn’t seen a clean in years

7. A Small Truck is Better for Folks On The Land, In Wet or On Soft Ground

More importantly, my Septic Truck was designed small, to better service your needs. Let me explain.

Imagine if you have had a period of heavy rain, and at a time when your tank is in desperate need of a clean. You can count on me to clean your septic tank when other larger trucks won’t even think about it.

This is important if you are on the land too. I won’t carve great deep furrows in the earth or on your driveway like a regular sized truck will.

In fact, a woman in high heels would leave a deeper mark than I will.

Being a more “All Weather” solution is safer for you too, because heavy rain and a full septic tank can be a dangerous combination.

Raw waste can leak to the surface at times like this, exposing you and your family to disease and bacteria including Hepatitis A and B, as well Gastroenteritis.

I checked this with my wife, she’s a qualified Theatre Nurse and knows how serious these things can be

8. Two Axle Trucks Are Far Less Impactful On Your Turf

You’ve seen BIG trucks on the road, rows of wheels one after the other, a bit like an old steam train to look at. This allows these vehicles to carry extremely heavy loads.

But like a steam train these multiple wheel configurations work best in a straight line. This is perfect for getting to your place and for driving away again, but it’s not so great when they are turning sharply on your land.

Septic Tank Cleaning TruckIt’s a bit like a shopping trolley with a bung wheel. You know how they’ll drag one way and are difficult to push and manoeuvre. This is because the wheel is being pushed in a different direction to where it is pointed.

Now imagine this dragging effect with 20 or 30 tonnes sitting on top of it, as is the case with these multi-axled trucks when turning.

Just think how that can tear and Rip Up the turf at your place.

This effect gets worse as the turns get tighter, and it starts as soon as these truck veer off a straight line.

My septic tank cleaning truck has only two axles and a short wheelbase. This all but eliminates the “wheel drag” problem.

Combined with the self-levelling effect of airbag (air-spring) suspension which helps to spread the weight more evenly over all wheels, any chance of impact to your property is greatly reduced.

Big trucks are great for business, big pump out trucks carry a “shot load” of waste too.

They are not so good for you and your property, though especially when they’re in a tight turn on your turf, and are carrying everybody else’s waste before they even see you.

9. How Can I Offer To Clean Out Your Septic Tank Properly, For The Lowest Possible Amount And Still Give You A $297 Inlet Pipe Jet Clean For Free?

The reason isn’t complicated.

You would have read earlier I was a plumber for over 40 years in a previous life (Burgess Plumbing Pty. Ltd). And in that time, I accumulated a lot of plumbing hardware along the way.

The water jet was my last purchase before I sold my previous (plumbing) business, and I decided to hang on to it for some reason and bring it with me – nostalgic maybe. The unit is brand new, and the new owner didn’t need a high-pressure jet cleaner.

I thought I will find a use for it somewhere. As it turns out I did. The Water Jet is now a fixture, mounted permanently on my Pump Out Truck.

Because I already own the Water Jet outright, it owes me nothing, not a cent. And being an experienced plumber, I can do a jet clean with one arm tied behind my back.

So it makes it easy for me to offer you a jet clean, very easy as well as providing you with a very useful service worth every cent of the $297 you will usually pay.

Now I am not crazy, and $297 means as much to me as it does the next guy and I reserve the right to remove this free offer once I am happy this business is on its way.

Till then, though, my offer stands.

So if your septic tank is due for a cleaning, and you want it done properly for the best possible price, and get a $297 water jet clean for free. Call me now on, or drop me a line using the contact form on this page.

Yours Sincerely

Paul Burgess

P.S.That free Inlet Jet Clean for your septic system is only available while I’m not too busy to do it, and it’s proving to be a very popular item. After that its back to the regular $297 – call now to secure your free Jet Clean.

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