Septic Tank Cleaning Services From Wollombi to Spencer

Septic Tank Cleaning from Wollombi to Spencer

Do you need your septic tank pumped out and have trouble because of your property being a little hard to get too? Are you having trouble finding a reliable Septic Tank Pumping and Septic Tank Cleaning Service to help with cleaning out your septic system? In that case I have some good news.

Hello, my name is Paul Burgess. I am the owner operator of Ward Septics and I think I might have the answer you have been looking for. If you have had trouble finding someone you can count on to clean your septic system just because of where you live. Read on, this may be the answer to your troubles.

Have you called septic tank cleaning companies and been told “Yes they can” help you with emptying your septic system when you have talked with them over the phone?

Have you then been disappointed to later find out that they can’t help you? Or worse yet, have you had you time wasted with a “No Show”, just because your property is “too hard” to get to?

I have heard too many stories like these from people I have already helped in and around the Central Coast Hinterland. People who are fortunate enough to live in the such beautiful locations as Wollombi or Spencer, and everywhere in between.

People who have been penalised for septic cleaning services just because they have decided to live a bit further from the “beaten track”, and further from the “Rat Race” than the rest of us.

It doesn’t seem right to me.

The list of places I can provide septic tank cleaning where most other septic tank cleaning companies can’t is quite long. Though if you have found you way to this page on my website you may be interested to know that I can clean out your septic tank in all of these areas.

Central Coast Hinterland Septic Tank Cleaning

Plus others areas in and around these regions and even if your property is too remote for most Septic Tank Cleaning companies to provide you with a reliable service. The reasons I can help where the other can’t is simple. I own my business and at the time of writing, I carry out every septic tank clean myself. My truck was specially designed to go to the places the HUGE septic tank pump-out trucks can’t.

My Septic truck has a smaller wheelbase and more efficient sized tank that allows me to navigate around roads and tracks that would turn most septic cleaning trucks on their ear. My pump out truck also carries 90 metres of septic pump hose. So even if your Septic Tank is in an extremely tough spot to reach. I can have my truck parked almost the length of a footy field away and still do the job for you, no problem.


How Much Septic Tank Cleaning In a Remote Location

My regular septic pump out cost starts from $600 for a standard sized septic system. Sometimes more depending on your tank size. I am sure you can understand that if you are off the beaten track, you can expect to pay a little more than normal for a full septic tank clean and service too (just call me for a quick quote – Paul – 0438 315 514).

I am sure you understand why I charge a little more, but for complete transparency between us before we start, here are the main reasons. It costs me more in time to get to you and extra fuel to reach your property. There and back. The trip to correctly dispose of your septic waste takes me a bit longer than a more suburban septic tank clean location and as such it cost me a little more.

What you will get in return though is peace of mind. I can promise you that I will always be there when I say I will. I will only charge you a fair price. And I will tell you how much before I even start. So you won’t have to worry about any nasty surprises at the end of the cleaning job.

So if you have had trouble finding someone who can reliably clean your septic tank for you just because you’re off the beaten track. Give me a call. I am happy to give you an estimate over the phone. I can arrange a suitable time to come and service your septic system, and I will be there when I say. It’s that simple.

Give me a call if you are having the kind of hassles we have touched on today. If you are in the areas mentioned above or at least somewhere close to these places I am almost positive I can help. Oh, and by the way, I take VISA and MasterCard too.

PS. If you having trouble finding someone you can count on to clean your septic system just because of where you live. Give Me a Call. My pocket-sized Septic Cleaning Truck allows me access to places the BIG pump out trucks wouldn’t dare go. Call me – Paul 0438 315 514

Wollombi to Spencer Septic Cleaning

Septic cleaning services for hard to get to properties from Wollombi to Spencer and everywhere in between.

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