Septic Tank Cleaning & Pump Out for Lake Macquarie

Septic Tank Cleaning Lake Macquarie

If you would live around lovely Lake Macquarie and need to get your septic tank pumped out and cleaned properly and for the lowest possible amount, here is some news I think you will like. As a special for Lake Mac residents, septic tank owners living around the Lake Macquarie area (in NSW). I can thoroughly pump out and clean a regularly sized septic system from just $600.

My name is Paul Burgess, and I’ve been a plumber for over 40 years, so I really know septic systems inside and out. So you can rest assured there will be no hidden extras to worry and no B.S. either. I hate that kind of nonsense.

You will only pay a fair amount for your septic clean, not a cent more and I even take credit cards ;).

Having been a plumber for most of my working career gives me a rare perspective on what getting the job done right is all about. And I guarantee I can clean your septic system better than anyone who has done it for you before. It’s in my “Plumbers” nature to make certain your septic system is not only clean but working like it should too. I make no bones about it, I am keen to get your business and I am prepared to work hard for you to get it.

So along with your septic tank cleaned and pumped out properly, I am giving you an inlet pipe jet clean for your septic system to make sure that part of your system is fine too. The inlet pipe of your system is where the majority of problems can start. This service is normally valued at $297, and as part of my Sale, it’s your absolutely FREE of charge.

Why Do I Need My Septic Inlet Pipes Cleaned Anyway

By sending my high-pressure water jet through your system’s inlet pipe, any plant roots, solid matter or blockages will be jetted away before they have a chance to cause you any hassles, now or in the near future. A result of this is your toilet may even flush more efficiently that it has for years. I know this is not the “be and end all” of modern society, but when if is not happening correctly now, it really can make a huge difference.

Now I don’t want you to think I’ll be cutting any corners just because I am providing you with a septic tank clean and pump out for a down to earth price, no way. Like I mentioned above, it’s is not my way and not the way I do business. Ward Septics is my new business and making sure you are 100% happy with the way I take care of you and your septic system,  is the most reliable way I know to be invited to your home the next time you need your tank serviced. If I do a good enough job, you may even mention me to your neighbours :).

With every septic tank clean and pump out I carry out also comes my unique Septic Tank Cleaning Audit. Your Septic Audit is a written report that will give you a detailed analysis of your septic system. That lets you know exactly the state of your septic tank, highlighting any potential problems that could be waiting in the wings. So you can know the current condition of your system, and identify the areas of concern that may exist.

With systems like this, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Your Septic Tank Audit in this way can save you a bundle. This is why it is a good reason to have a plumber’s trained eye on the job for you. You don’t just want someone whose expertise amounts to a truck driving licence and being able to hold a pump-out hose through a septic tank man-hole.

You pay good money for your septic tank cleaning, you deserve to have it done right. To organise your septic tank cleaning done properly, give me a

call on 0438 315 514.

Lake Macquarie Septic Tank Cleaning and Pump-Out

Local septic tank cleaner offers Lake Macquarie residents the best septic clean ever, and provides a written septic tank cleaning audit at the jobs end so you can have peace of mind about your septic system.

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