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Septic Tank Cleaning Prices

How To Have Your Septic Tank Cleaned Properly, At The Lowest Possible Price.

We all love a bargain, and your Septic Tank cleaning is no exception.

I guess it is just part of human nature to want to get something good but pay less than it’s really worth.

Unfortunately, for the most part, life just does not work that way, well not for long.

There is an old saying that goes something like this, “If something seems too good to be true, it usually is”.

I once found this out the hard way myself.

How I Found Out The Difference Between Price and Value.

Have you ever had your car fixed by someone who could do it for you “on the cheap”? How did that work out for you? Better than my experience I hope..

A mate of mine, Doug saw himself as the “Worlds Greatest Mechanic”, a nice fella to be sure.

Septic Tank Cleaning PricesHe used to tell time and time again, not to pay for a professional mechanic, “It’s a Rip-Off”, he used to tell me. I can do all that stuff for half their price.

One day I finally gave in.

I was giving my car a long overdue wash and during the process of making my “dream machine” beautiful again, I looked under the bonnet to check the wiper washer levels.

To my horror, I saw a tiny trickle of oil just around the very top of the engine. “I am sure that wasn’t there last time”, I thought to myself.

Doug’s words floated back into my brain. “I might have Doug take a quick look at it for me”. How can it hurt, I thought?

To cut a long story short, I left my pride and joy in Doug’s capable hands. He told me to leave it with him and swing past the next day to pick up my car.

The next day I did just that.

The wife dropped me at Doug’s place and I walk out into Doug’s garage “the Workshop”, calling as I went. “How did you get on mate?”

I came round the corner and saw Doug’s rear end sticking out of my car’s engine bay.

There was a Jigsaw puzzle of engine parts scattered around the garage floor I didn’t even know I had. Parts and tools seemed to be spread everywhere.

My heart sank.

Professional Septic Tank Service For LessDoug must have heard my call, he lifted his head out from under the bonnet as I drew near.

“It’s more serious than I thought Paul”.

Did you ever have one of those moments when you just knew the shortcut you had taken was going to lead you far far away from your destination?

That’s how I felt.

Doug said. “These #$%@ foreign cars, you need to be an Automotive Engineer to make heads or tails of them”.

Now I was certain I was in BIG trouble.

“You are going to have to take it to a specialist” he said

Doug was right. The next person to work on my car was a specialist, an Automotive Engineer.

And $2,857 later, my car was purring like a kitten again.

The original problem, a gasket apparently should have cost a few hundred to fix.

Having my car towed to a qualified repairer, along with putting my car back together made up the rest of the bill.

I think back to that time now and see the extra cost as just paying for a lesson I needed to learn, one I won’t soon forget.

No more shortcuts and no more repairs on the cheap.

None Of Us Want To Be Ripped Off

Septic Tank Cleaning Rip OffsSure we don’t want to get ripped off, that’s just good sense.

But don’t expect to pay half price for the full job – done right.

An old mentor of mine used to say, “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”. I recommend you take that advice too.

As nice as monkeys may seem they can cost you a lot of money and time, and they rarely get the job done right.

And that’s what it is all about. Getting things done right and proper.

My Septic Tank Cleaning Prices

So to answer the question of how much to get your septic tank cleaned out, and what prices you can expect to pay for a septic tank clean – done properly, I start from $600 as a rule of thumb.

This septic cleaning price does vary with the size of your tank(s), the bigger your tank, the more it will cost.

That makes sense, right?

A Special Bonus If Your Tank Needs Cleaning Right Now

Now if you need your septic tank cleaning done soon, I have a very special introductory bonus for you that can save you $297.

A Free Inspection and Water Jet Clean Out for your Septic Inlet Pipe with your Septic Tank Cleaning.

Why Do You Need Your Septic Inlet Pipe Clean?

One of the most important things to keeping your septic system happy and healthy for you and your family has a lot to do with the pipe that feeds your septic system, the sewer inlet pipe..

These can get clogged up with roots and… stuff which will reduce the effectiveness of your entire system as well as causing problems at the business end of your septic system in your home.

Unsightly backwash and toilets that are slow to flush are only a couple of the side effects this can cause. This can even lead to a toilet overflow – YUCK.

So save yourself some trouble, get a little piece of mind and save yourself $297 into the bargain with a free sewer inlet pipe inspection and jet clean right now.

You can have your septic tank professionally cleaned out, at a fair and realistic price.

I won’t use inferior equipment or take any shortcuts.

In fact I will even provide you with a written Septic Tank Audit Report, so you know everything you need to know about your septic tank and system and how it is.

For more detailed information about how to choose the right company to clean out your septic system, download my Free Consumer’s Guide to Septic Tank Cleaning, so you can make an informed and intelligent decision when hiring a company for your Septic Tank Cleaning needs.

Your Sincerely

Paul Burgess (Ward Septics)

P.S. That free Inlet Jet Clean for your septic system is only available as an introductory bonus, and will only last while I’m not too busy to do it for you. it’s proving very popular. After that its back to the regular $297. Call now to secure your Free Jet Clean and guarantee your systems inlet won’t give you any nasty surprises.

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