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Pump-Out Partners, Septic Tank Pumping Done Properly For Less

How To Reduce Your Septic Cleaning Costs By Partnering With Your Neighbours For a Cheaper Septic Tank Clean

From :
Paul Burgess
Dora Creek
Lake Macquarie
N.S.W. 2264

Dear Friend

Do you need your Septic Tank pumped out & cleaned properly, and would like to have it done for you for the lowest possible amount?

Pump Out Partners By Ward SepticsOf course you would. That being the case, then I have some good news for you.

My name is Paul Burgess, I’m the owner and operator of Ward Septics out of Dora Creek (NSW) and I have come up with a way to pump out and clean your septic tank properly and professionally for my lowest amount ever.

I call this new system “Pump-Out Partners”.

Not a great title I know, but what “Pump-Out Partners” will do for you is allow you to get the best possible septic clean you’ve ever had at the best possible price available.

Let Me Tell You How This Works

Being an owner-operator helps me keep my prices down. I have no staff (apart from my wife – Hi Sharon). So my overheads, compared to the BIG guys is way less.

This is the first reason why even my regular price is way more competitive.

Another part of the reason I can be more competitive is my Septic Cleaning Truck, all my pump out and septic cleaning equipment I own outright.

No costly leasing payments, no hire purchase agreements and no extra overheads to carry (well apart from Sharon).

All the equipment is mine, lock, stock and barrel. So this lets me be even cheaper without sacrificing service and quality, because my overheads are less.

How I can do this where the other companies can’t is simple.

It is all made possible courtesy of the sale of my Plumbing business.

I had my previous business for over 33 years (down south), and I am happy to say that business is still going strong, “hammer and tongs” infact. But we all need a change now and then and 33 years was enough for me.

You Get 43 Years of Plumbing Experience For Free

Over 43 Years ExperienceI have been a plumber and drainer for 43 years, so Septic Systems are second nature to me, so it seemed like a logical next step for the next chapter in my life.

So build into my helping you with your septic tank pump out, is this added experience, on top of my regular value. And it won’t cost you a cent more.

These are the most important reasons why I can be more efficient and economical at pumping out your septic system for you.

That said, like all businesses, there are many other factors that determine how much I have to charge.

The right insurances are important, for your protection and your peace of mind. This is an essential part of the equation.

Making sure all my equipment is in tip-top order to do the best pump-out possible for you.

There are the fees associated with emptying the sludge from your septic tank and I do this 100% by the book..

This has to be done properly and safely. I think all of us are aware of how important that is these days.

You can’t skimp on this kind of stuff, and there can be no short cuts, ever.

Disposal has to be done right and carried out safely for everyone. We live in a lovely place afterall, and I will be the last one to spoil it for the sake of a few dollars..

Then of course there is the time and the running around going from your home to my next job, or in some cases directly to the disposal facility.

This takes time away from doing my job and making a living. Then there are the costs associated with running a septic pump out truck around the country side. It is not a cheap exercise.

That’s What Got Me Thinking

If I could do two (or more) septic pump-out jobs in a local area or neighbourhood, this will mean a lot less running around between pump-outs.

Less wear and tear on my truck, less trips to the disposal facility and much better use of my time too.

This allows me to bring the cost of my doing a proper Septic Cleaning job down. And down enough where I’m happy to pass the saving on to you.

“Pump-Out Partners” was born.

Chances are if you have a septic system, you neighbours will have them too.

By making an arrangement between you and your neighbour (or neighbours) for me to come out and empty your septic tanks for you, and on a day that suits you both.

WinWinWardSepticsBINGO, you save me some hassle and a few dollars, and I can pass this on to you too.

It is one of those WIN – WIN situations we so often hear about but very rarely see ourselves.

You get the very best septic cleaning service I can provide, no cutting corners, no shortcuts and no shenanigans.

Plus with my 43 years of plumbing experience to back it up, you have nothing at all to worry about at all.

Pump Out Partners WorksheetAnd because of your neighbour being your Pump-Out Partner, you both benefit from a cheaper pump-out price than would normally be possible by any reputable company .

The more friends and neighbours you can have involved (maximum of about 4-5), the better your price becomes.

Does that make sense?

Professional Septic Tank Cleaning At The Absolute Best Price Available

Pump-Out Partners is the very best way to have your septic tank cleaned and pumped out for the very best price available.

If this sounds like something you would like to do for your next pump-out. Think of the neighbours you would like to have involved and give them a call.

If they need their septic tank done now too. You’re in business.

Attached here is your “Pump-Out Partner Worksheet

 That’s all she wrote.

So if you want your Septic Tank pumped out, for the absolute best price available anywhere, give me a call. All you need to do is partner with a neighbour and both of you will save a truckload of money.

And I should also mention, I do happily take MasterCard and VISA too 🙂



Paul Burgess – Ward Septics – 0438 315 514

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