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The Shame File


Paul Burgess (Ward Septics) here.

The Shame FileI would like to take this opportunity thank all of my clients for their business and their ongoing support.

Without you Ward Septics would not be the success it is today, so you have my warmest thanks for letting me help you make your home or your business a safer place to live and work.

I thank you all.

The Shame File Register

That said, it pains me to have to take time to mention some other people.

People who have not been so gracious as the fair and honest majority.

I take a very liberal stand with how I let my clients pay for my services.

I offer credit card payment and personal terms that make it as simple and as easy as I can for people to pay for all my septic cleaning and absorption trench services.

I am happy to do so.

I do understand that we can all experience financial difficulty and can at one time or another need assistance or just a little extra time to get things right.

Some people abuse this privilege.

Accounts remain unpaid, calls do not get returned and no attempt to pay for completed services is made.

For that reason I have decided to put this page on my website, I call this page “The Shame File”.

My main intention here is to provide a warning.

A warning about how certain people can conduct their financial affairs.

By not honouring their pledge to pay for the services they have requested, they put themselves above all the honest and honourable people like you who happily pay for what they need.

Be wary of people like these.

By placing themselves and their own wants above the rest of us, we all pay for them.

In my opinion, having no intention of paying for services requested (mine or anyone else’s), is tantamount to theft.

I apologise for raising this unfortunate topic with all my good and honest clients.

Though I feel obliged to offer this warning.





The Shame File Register

Area : Jilliby
Name : Jane Parnell
Business : Director of Peppercorn Park Horses


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